Warehouse Order Picking

Pick and pack multiple orders from your warehouse using portable barcode reader.

The Warehouse Order Picking System is as follows: First, one or more orders are downloaded to the PCMCIA card; then the card is inserted in the OmniWand. The OmniWand will inform the order picker of the customer and items to be picked. As the order is being picked, bar codes on the items are scanned with the OmniWand. The OmniWand will inform the picker of overages or shortages. The customer orders and items can be reviewed by the order picker, and tallies can also be printed directly from the OmniWand if needed. Upon completion of picking all orders, the PCMCIA card is removed from the OmniWand and the data is uploaded to the host system.


  • The WOPS eliminates keying in data at the host computer.
  • The WOPS is very flexible. One or 100 orders can be downloaded at a time.
  • The WOPS eliminates miss-picks.
  • The WOPS can be made RF compatible, increasing flexibility.

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