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Secure Product Order Tracking - SPOT

is an extension to the ADAPT (AMPS Delivery And Product Tracking) software suite that enables a higher level of security in product distribution, by making extensive use of the Videx® Omniwand® handheld laser barcode reader as a remote terminal

If your business involves field sales with product order delivery by either your sales staff or by route deliveries, SPOT can make your operations more secure by providing a near real-time connection between your ADAPT host database and the Videx® Omniwand® - on the SPOT.

Daily customer information, orders, pricing, inventory and product information is downloaded directly into the OmniWand® handheld laser barcode scanner.

Device registration, system handshaking and data ecryption ensure that the current information is downloaded to the correct OmniWand®, with secure pricing and credit/account information for use On The SPOT.

In-store inventory may be updated. The whereabouts and time spent by the sales or delivery person is recorded. Automatic order / reorder may be triggered by product level, desired delivery date, product availability, or location by geographic area or customer, in areas where product licensing or legality varies by political jurisdiction.

Customer order / items may be entered. Inventory check by call-in to the live database on ADAPT host allows the salesperson to determine product status and to verify with the customer to determine back order, return goods order / authorization.

The salesperson may request the attention of the ADAPT host for credit authorization or other financial information.

Inventory pre-allocation on a properly verified order may be made by the ADAPT host.

Specials, private labels, custom packaging, holiday promotions are supported.

Typical Features:

To secure any of the following types of product or information:

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Wine and Spirits Documents
Pharmaceuticals Evidence
Perishables Chain of Custody
Time Critical Pilferage
High Value Proof of Delivery

Wine and Spirits

Alcoholic beverages is an example of a product that is required by law to be tracked, has a high resale value, is easily pilfered and therefore needs to be securely delivered to your customer.

Document Delivery

Perishable Products

Chain of Custody

Time Critical


High Value

Proof of Delivery

Other modules are available. Contact AMPS for information.

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