The RTS enables personnel to track all sales and deliveries by acting as their billing and inventory clerk.

This system provides the WHO, WHAT, and WHERE of all deliveries that have been made. At the start of each day, customer information, orders, pricing, truck inventory, and product information are downloaded from the mainframe to a PC and into the handheld bar code scanner. At the end of the day, this information can be transferred back to the PC. At each stop, the salesman enteres the customer code; then bar codes are scanned on the packing cases. The OmniWand shows the customer price for each product and adjustment can be made for discounts or specials. The OmniWand also keeps a running count of inventory on the truck. All sales, returns, cash receipts, product inventory, salesman's expenses and a DOT log for the truck are stored in the OmniWand.

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