This system allows maintenance personnel to document inspections of all equipment and to schedule preventive maintenance.

Staff productivity can be effortlessly monitored and documented, reducing operating costs. All the activities of maintenance personnel and inspectors can be recorded and documented along with the actual time to complete repairs. A tool crib application can also be implemented. Observations of areas and equipment requiring corrective action are recorded by any staff or maintenance personnel with the portable bara code scanners. Reports can then be generated and transmitted to the appropriate departments for follow-up, such as: plumbing, mechanical, housekeeping, vehicle maintenance, electrical, locksmith, fire and safety, plant maintenance, etc. The system can generate preventiv maintenance schedules for all areas and equipment. Any missed areas and equipment scheduled for inspection will be highlighted. The reports will show WHO? WHAT? WHERE? and WHEN?, concerning all related maintenance activities. PM's can be scheduled weekly, bi-monthly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. PMs are printed on a scheduled basis and are logged automatically by scanning a bar code or reading an ID button on the equipment upon completion of the PM. PMs can also be remotely logged off.

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