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AMPS Production Tracking

AMPS Automation, Inc. provides manufacturing businesses with an integrated suite of software products for database management, bar code controlled production tracking and data collection.

Modern bar code techniques provide application generality, ease of use, speed and accuracy.

Our Microsoft Foxpro applications are fast, powerful and versatile providing real-time management information for your business needs via a Novell local area network.

Increase production and efficiency, eliminate waste and repetition by managing your resources with this new generation of real-time automatic identification and tracking software.

The AMPS Production Tracking System (APT) is configured in various releases for your particular manufacturing industry.

APT manages order entry by manual input, telephone entry or download from a larger system (e.g., an IBM AS/400) to an open order data base. Order/Item routing is determined, and the order is scheduled for production.

Work-in-process is tracked by means of the bar code system through workstations on the shop floor.

This allows keyless data entry in real time, immediate location and status look-ups on any order, along with process data collection, quality control information, change orders, and as-produced notes.

A full range of reports including order confirmation, certification, status, change orders, work center loading, scheduling, shipping and labor is available.

Carrier approved shipping and manifesting systems complete the cycle.

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