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AMPS Automation, Inc.

provides management consulting in the strategic use of Auto ID, smart cards, barcoding and fingerprint recognition.

Systems integration and solution development of complete Auto ID controlled management information systems to fit the "work processing" needs of your business.

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Auto ID Consulting
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Auto ID and strategic advantage

As your business environment grows more competitive, your need for fast and accurate management information approaches real time.

To keep your customer satisfied is to keep your customer. Provided, of course, that you respond as well as the last time, or better.

For that new product to beat the competition to market tomorrow, you need to decide and implement your information and control structure today.

Auto ID, the computer controlled automatic acquisition of information concerning who, what, where, when, which, why, how, how many, how often - using barcoding and biometrics, is real time, accurate and reliable.

With over ten years experience as a full service Auto ID solutions provider, AMPS can help you gain this strategic advantage for your business.

Our AMPS Production Tracking (APT) Manufacturing Execution Systems are tailored to fit your business and provide you with a usable, versatile tool that can be expanded in any direction you may require.

AMPScan data collection utilities interface APT with the procedures of your office or factory floor resulting in real-time, error-free, seamless tracking of your orders, products, workers and resources.

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